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Welcome to Twin Oaks Pet Cemetery & Crematorium, offering Florida animal cremation services for your beloved pet, including horse cremation.

We are located in Okeechobee, Florida, covering Palm Beach, Okeechobee and surrounding Florida counties.

Cremation is handled using our own sanitary and modern facility on site. Your pet is placed gently and handled with care by our well trained personnel.

The passing of a pet leaves us with a feeling of grief and loss. At Twin Oaks, we understand that your pet was a part of your family and we hope to ease the pain of your loss. We want to assist you in choosing an appropriate memorial. Hopefully, with time, the grief will recede and be replaced by loving memories.

When we introduce a new pet into our family, we do not think about the life span of that pet (nor do we want to), but sadly, it is a fact that this averages only 12-14 years - a relatively short time compared to humans.

We plan their orientation into the family and home; find a vet to care for their health; teach the pet proper manners and maybe even take them to obedience school. When we go on vacation, if they cannot come with us, we investigate kennel facilities or home care services.

We nurture and love our pets during their brief stay on this Earth, but as they reach their twilight years, we refuse to face the day when our pet will no longer be with us. Understandably, this is something none of us want to face. It is a painful, grief-filled experience; however, having some knowedge of the options available when our pet dies can help ease the confusion and pain.

Cemetery is open 24 / 7 without appointment.
Services available by appointment on weekends.

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Twin Oaks is a member of IAPC, International Association of Pet Cemeteries.

When choosing a pet cemetery or crematorium, ask these questions:
Dr. Thomas K. Nicholl's personal guarantee
  1. Is the facility a member of the International Association of Pet Cemeteries?
  2. Is there a deed restriction to ensure that the property will always BE a pet cemetery?
  3. Can you be present at burial or cremation?
  4. Can you visit when you want to and without prior notice?
Everything we do at Twin Oaks Pet Cemetery & Crematorium is backed by Dr. Thomas K. Nicholl's personal guarantee.
Twin Oaks has provided FREE cremations for K-9 Dogs From:
Open 24/7
  • Martin County
  • St. Lucie County
  • Palm Beach County
  • Okeechobee County
  • Glades County
Cemetery is open 24 / 7 without appointment.
Services available by appointment on weekends.

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